We sculpt military equipment from clay with children. How to sculpt a plane from plasticine with children.

  1. Materials and tools
  2. How to make a plane with a child from plasticine
  3. More complex aircraft model
  4. The plane of plasticine with frame
  5. What can replace clay
  6. Plasticine Sculpting: Aircraft
  7. For the manufacture of military aircraft will need:

Almost all children (and some adults) love to sculpt from clay and polymer clay various figurines and figurines. It is especially interesting to create different techniques with your own hands - airplanes, cars and rockets. In this article, you will learn how to quickly and easily make a plane of plasticine or plastic. First, let's talk a little about materials and tools.

Materials and tools

Before you start buying materials, decide which plane you will use to mold plasticine or clay. If you want to take your child, then buy the usual colored clay for child creativity . And if you want a durable figure, then stock up on polymer clay. In addition, if you sculpt a large plane of clay, then take another foil, wire and the base for the wings. Of the tools you'll need mostly stacks and knives.

How to make a plane with a child from plasticine

Blind the plane with a child is easy! The main thing is to stock up more material. Blind first the body of the aircraft. From above in shape, it should resemble a carrot. Then roll a piece of clay into a layer of 5-6 millimeters and cut out the wings, fenders and tail of the aircraft. All this gently stick to the body of the aircraft. In addition, from the white and black clay make eyes and mouth. But the chassis will not work. Plasticine is a rather soft material, and therefore can bend under the weight that an airplane has. - this is a very interesting activity!

When you sculpt with children, then use stacks for clay. So you protect your child from painful cuts.

More complex aircraft model

With an older child, you can already think about how to make a more realistic plane out of plasticine. Under the supervision of an adult, a child may already use a special knife for sculpting. This model is pretty simple and easy to make. First form the body in the form of a long cone. Then roll plasticine into a cake and cut out the wings and tail from it. Stick them to the body. Then form a cockpit of a white piece of plasticine.

From the dark gray or black clay mold the blades of the propeller. In the center stick a small ball of blue or red. The plane is ready!

The plane of plasticine with frame

But before you make a plane with a frame from plasticine, stock up on material and, of course, patience. You will need not only the clay itself, but also the foil, the wire and, possibly, the foundation for the wings. If desired, such a model can be molded from polymer clay and then burned. Such a figure will serve you much longer.

First form the frame. The plane from plasticine should be steady. The frame should be in the body of the aircraft, wings and landing gear. Foil should be in the case if you do not want to spend a lot of material on the plane.

Then start to carefully stick over the frame with clay or polymer clay. It is better to cut the wings and tail with a knife, as in this case there will be smoother edges. On the wings you can stick a logo in the form of a white star on a red circle. For this, it is best to use cutters. Then blind the propeller, cling clay to the chassis and make strips of red clay from the sides of the aircraft body. In the center of the propeller stick a small cone of white clay. Do not leave your product in the sun, otherwise it may deteriorate. The plane is ready!

You can sculpt a variety of models. These can be large cargo liners or, for example, small planes with bunk wings. If the wings are too large, then you can use a plastic or wire frame for them.

What can replace clay

If you want the aircraft to be stored for a long time, then blind it from baked polymer clay. This material is not very suitable for children because of its high cost, but adults like to sculpt from it. After baking, such a plane will become firm and its wings flexible. And when it falls, it is unlikely to break and, of course, it will not faint.

In addition, you can make a plane from the cake mastic. The model is molded in the same way as from plasticine. This plane can decorate any children's cake for the holiday!

In this article we will talk about a great way to develop a child - modeling from clay, in particular, we will tell you how to make a plane from plasticine.

Plasticine: the history of the material and its types

At the end of the 19th century, this miracle material was created for modeling - plasticine. Originally it was made from clay. So that it was elastic, wax was added, and in order not to dry out, various fats and other substances were added that would not allow the clay to dry. Now, in the production of plasticine, high-molecular-weight polyethylene (VMPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rubber, and other materials are also used. They give it color, which allows us to make a variety of crafts and paintings.

Clay is hard, medium soft and soft.

Hard plasticine is usually not the best-quality clay and it will be very difficult to make something pretty out of it. For classes with children ideal soft clay. Especially if the baby is committed to independence, he himself will be able to knead such clay.

Sculpting - very useful activity Since it develops fine motor skills, it develops accuracy and perseverance. The better developed fine motor skills, the better it works for the child. nervous system . And, even the beauty of handwriting depends on the degree of development of fine motor skills. Than more baby works with his fingers, the faster he develops, the better he speaks and thinks.

Constant exercises with plasticine strengthen the muscles of the hands. As you can see, the advantages of mass and modeling from clay (planes will be either balls, flowers or bears - it’s up to you and the baby to decide) could be your favorite entertainment for you and your child.

Plasticine Sculpting: Aircraft

So, today we will look at how to make a plane out of plasticine.

For this we need:

  • soft plasticine of different colors;
  • wooden or plastic board / thick cardboard for working with plasticine;
  • stacks;
  • plank / thick cardboard-stand for placing the finished product.

You can pre-heat the clay on the battery so that it is easier to work with it.

  1. Pinch off a piece of medium-sized clay and heat it in your hands. Roll the palms between the palms first, and then the oval and trim it, rolling it on the plank. This will be the body of our aircraft.
  2. In order for the plasticine aircraft to have a tail, you need to pull off one end of the body and wrap it up.
  3. Now let's make wings on our plane. Take a piece of clay that is different from the body of the aircraft color, and roll out two of the same size "sausage". The wings of the aircraft are thin, so the "sausages" need to flatten your palm to the plate. Then we attach the wings to the body of the plasticine aircraft on the sides. Wings can be attached to pieces of toothpicks or matches. And you can do it as shown in the picture: roll out two small balls and attach them under the wings of the aircraft.
  4. Then, pinch off two pieces of the same color and size, roll the balls, and then flatten them. Do the same with even smaller pieces. Connect larger and smaller flattened circles to each other. Attach the resulting pyramids to the body of the aircraft.
  5. Twist three flattened sausages of the same size and combine them in the form of a flower. Then attach this flower in front of the body of the aircraft. This will be the propeller of our aircraft from clay.
  6. Decorate the aircraft portholes, made on the same principle by which the wheels were made. The porthole in the cockpit needs to be done more. To do this, roll the ball, then flatten it and attach it to the top of the plane behind the propeller.
  7. Well that's all. Attach a mock-up to a cardboard or a plank and our plane is ready for departure!

Now you know how to make a plane of plasticine. Sculpting an airplane will take quite a bit of time, but you will get a lot of pleasure, and your child will be able to fix or learn colors, shapes of objects, expand the view of the world that surrounds it.

Today's master class in modeling military fighter aircraft made from clay will definitely be useful to mothers, grandmothers, kindergarten teachers and teachers junior classes before February 23 or May 9. At the end of winter, children always make crafts. military subjects as a gift to dads or grandfathers, to all beloved men on the Defender of the Fatherland Day. A miniature figure of a high-speed fighter is perfect as a souvenir.

Sculpturing of any type of transport, including aircraft, is simple, if you have on hand a detailed guide that demonstrates the process from beginning to end. This is exactly step-by-step instruction and is shown in this lesson.

For the manufacture of military aircraft will need:

  • several bars of green plasticine of different shades;
  • gray and blue plasticine;
  • match;
  • stack

How to blind a fighter in stages:

Take a set of clay, usually in boxes always put a stack for work.

To hit dad or grandpa with a believable hand-made model, be sure to take green clay. If you mix several shades at once, then you will have an excellent material of spotted protective color for modeling the hull and wings. Mash in the hands of clay to full compliance.

Tear off about two thirds of the prepared mass and make a long carrot, but of green color Tear off about two thirds of the prepared mass and make a long carrot, but of green color. It will be a blank for the body of the aircraft. The narrower side will serve as the bow of the body, the wide side - the back.

Roll a small blue ball of soft plasticine Roll a small blue ball of soft plasticine. Lug this part on the body, moving closer to the narrow bow. Press down when attaching the fingers to the body so that the ball becomes oblong and semi-circular. This will be the cockpit.

Use the remaining green clay for sculpting the wings and tail Use the remaining green clay for sculpting the wings and tail. Take two pieces, make flat wings of a characteristic shape.

Glue the wings to the body (on the sides) Glue the wings to the body (on the sides). Two parts must be symmetrical.

From the remnants of green clay make four blanks for the tail From the remnants of green clay make four blanks for the tail. It will be the details of the two varieties, their shape vaguely resembles a boomerang.

Attach the two parts to the rear, adhering to the tail on top, and the other two - on the sides Attach the two parts to the rear, adhering to the tail on top, and the other two - on the sides.

To supplement the plausible appearance of a military fighter, rockets and turbines should be made To supplement the plausible appearance of a military fighter, rockets and turbines should be made. Make tubes of gray clay. Make round holes for the turbines with a match head, and cut the blanks for the rockets on one side with your fingers.

Glue the two pipes in the back, and the rockets under the wings (point them forward) Glue the two pipes in the back, and the rockets under the wings (point them forward).

Glue the two pipes in the back, and the rockets under the wings (point them forward)

Crafts for the Day of Defender of the Fatherland or Victory Day is ready.

Crafts for the Day of Defender of the Fatherland or Victory Day is ready

Plasticine souvenir needs to be cooled in the freezer, and then placed in a box to give your beloved father a real surprise.

Plasticine souvenir needs to be cooled in the freezer, and then placed in a box to give your beloved father a real surprise

It is easy to make a miniature toy if the mother or grandmother is to lead the process.

It is easy to make a miniature toy if the mother or grandmother is to lead the process

Sincerely, "Just crafts"!

The lesson of modeling an airplane will be enjoyed by boys, because any of them wants to become a pilot and conquer the airspace. Today they will be given such an opportunity, because on this page is given detailed master class , from which everyone can learn how to make a plane of clay. Even a three-year-old baby can orient himself, having studied detailed photos, and independently begin to create his own sculpture. But of course, such an odd job is not prohibited for girls, if such a desire arises.

It is necessary to practice modeling with children, because they are able to develop fine motor skills of fingers and improve spatial imagination . A child who loves to create shapes from plasticine, more clearly understands the world and better assimilates useful information.

1. Take two wads of clay, for example, yellow and blue shades. The airframe will be made of a lighter one, and wings, windows and other additional details will be made of the second.

2. Roll the ball out of the yellow block, you can use all the clay of this color, we will not need it anymore.

3. Turn the ball into a long piece, shaped like a fish.

4. Apply a wider part of the tapered part with your finger, forming a small notch on the front of the aircraft.

5. To form the tail of the unit, tear off three small portions of blue clay. First, roll a ball out of each of them, then flatten it into a tortilla and cut it to get triangles.

6. Make the tail of the sharp part of the cone, attaching three prepared triangles.

7. Prepare two more flat cakes bigger size and make two triangular wings of them.

8. Attach the wings on either side of the body of the aircraft. For reliability, you can use pieces of wire.

9. Use several round lozenges as airplane windows. Attach three or more pieces on each side.

10. Place the oval cake on the windshield.

The final form of crafts.

The plane is ready. Now he can go on a journey through the air. In addition to this hand-made article, we invite you to find out which complements the collection of your military equipment.

Sculpt from plasticine airplane. Developmental game activities with children of preschool age.

Starting from the age of one, the child can already inculcate creative skills. For starters, you can try to sculpt from soft plasticine Play To.

Play Doe is more like a dough for sculpting. A very convenient, eco-friendly material, natural dyes are added to it, and the clay itself is made on the basis of wheat flour, so it is safe for kids, even if someone accidentally plucks and swallows a piece. From play to make beautiful children's crafts from clay and on the basis of clay. For example, panels and paintings from natural materials where some fragments are molded.

Plasticine airplane

Beginning at about the age of three, the kids become interested. various appliances . Especially boys, of course. The easiest way to blind together with the baby airplane. You do not need to be a top-class master to know how to make a plane out of clay. It can every parent.

It will take :

  • plasticine,
  • plasticine cutting knife
  • board to work on it.

It is preferable to have plasticine of two or three colors. As a rule, not less than four multi-colored bars are sold in sets, and in Playa from eight and more jars.

First you need to blind the body of the plane . To do this, you need to pinch off a piece of dark clay and roll up the sausage, rounded around the edges. Then from one edge of the sausage bend up and make the tail of an airplane.

From a contrasting color you need to make wings . Having made blanks for the wings, they should be put aside for the time being. At first small circles are stuck on the body - these will be portholes. And one rectangle - the door .

The airplane's portholes can be made of two colors, for example, brown and yellow, by sticking one more into a larger circle - smaller. The door must be chosen to match the large circles of the windows.

Sticking windows and doors, you can begin to mount the wings. For reliability, it is necessary to stick in them small spikes or matches by half, and the second half to stick into the body of the plane.

The next step is a landing gear . The wheels are best sculpted from black clay, but the pillars themselves can be either black or in line with the door hatch and portholes. For simplicity, you can not sculpt the rack, and attach the wheels directly to the body of the plane.

The final touch is the nose screw . Combine three sausages of the same color with one bead-button and attach to the airplane's nose. This will be the motor. If you complicate the task, you can still blind two additional engines on the wings. The plane of plasticine is ready. And now it remains for you - to show imagination and come up with their own model aircraft.

Such crafts from plasticine are molded by children in the kindergarten and in primary school on labor lessons. Sculpting contributes to the development of creative creative thinking in a child, teaches him to create. Teaches diligence and perseverance. And, of course, just a pleasure.

See how to make different figures in our rubric “Crafts from plasticine for kids”. Here you will find a lot of different schemes and master classes, examples of sculpting beautiful and at the same time simple figurines with kids, so that your modeling lessons would all bring aesthetic and emotional joy.