Ladder on average hair with a braid. Ladder on medium hair: how to cut and how to style

  1. What does a ladder look like?
  2. What fringe is compatible with a haircut
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  4. Oblique
  5. Rounded off
  6. Bang with ragged edges
  7. Styling variations
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  12. Ladder mix
  13. Perky curl
  14. What does a ladder look like? The advantages of haircuts
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Over the years, has been popular with women and never goes out of fashion. This is not surprising, since she looks stylish, beautiful and well-groomed, and in itself is already an elegant hairstyle. It fits well with her bang, which makes the image of a girl a kind of zest . Haircut ladder with bangs - it a good option for girls who love a variety of hairstyles .


What does a ladder look like?

By itself, the ladder is best in harmony with long hair , but also suitable for owners of medium and minimum length. It received its name due to the similarity with the stairs (steps), the strands in a hair-do smoothly turn into one another, having a different length.

There are many variations of the ladder. These are multi-layered strands from the side, at the ends, and a stepped haircut, starting from the top of the head, and a bang, smoothly passing into the ladder.

Such styling allows you to create additional volume on the head, making the hairstyle airy and thick.

What fringe is compatible with a haircut

Despite the fact that the ladder is a universal hairstyle, not all varieties of people are ideally combined with it. Stylists identify several types that are best suited to her.


This type of most common and popular. It allows girls with high or wide forehead to hide this flaw, the rest simply adds prettiness. And it looks very impressive smooth bangs of any length , it can be either up to the middle of the forehead or below the eyebrow line.


Oblique bangs perfectly with the ladder, but not for all young ladies, but only for those who have a round or square face . She will help smooth facial features and add femininity.

Rounded off

The rounded fringe, passing into the ladder, has the appearance of an arc and extends along the edges of the forehead, turning into a haircut. It is able to perfectly emphasize the shape of the face and highlight beautiful features . Best suited for middle length .

Bang with ragged edges

If you have short hair and you are a non-standard nature, this is exactly what suits you. She looks great with creative coloring and a hairstyle with light negligence.

Making a choice in favor of such a haircut, you definitely transform your appearance for the better. However, it should be remembered that with her hair daily care unpretentious, but for bang need careful maintenance . Have to lay it daily, straighten or model.

Styling variations


To create you will need a hair dryer, round hairbrush and locking means optional. It can be a foam or mousse. Apply styling products to damp hair and begin to blow-dry using a curling brush to twist the ends of the curls . She can also give strands volume at the roots. Bangs can be straightened or laid, gently combing. From such an ordinary daily hairstyle You can easily make the evening just by decorating it with accessories.


A good choice of styling will curls. And not only large ones will look stylish , but also small curls , as well as perm of varying degrees of twisting. Chelku while cheating is not worth it. It should remain flat.

Styling styler

If you naturally have thick hair or for your hair do not need the volume at the roots, then the option of styling with an iron is suitable for you. It perfectly aligns the hair, emphasizes their beauty, transition and multi-level structure. This way is suitable for girls with curly or curly hair that is cut in this way. You can diversify your hairstyle with a beautiful rim or accessories.

Ladder - this is one of the most popular haircuts for medium length hair. The universality of the hairstyle is that it fits any type of hair, and it looks great on both young and mature ladies. It goes well with any color of hair. With the help of a ladder, you can give the hairstyle the missing volume and remove excess pomp if the girl has too thick hair.

A ladder is a complete haircut, then stylists classify it into several types:

To whom

Ladder - a haircut that looks great on the hair different length . On the average length of hair hairstyle looks feminine, elegant. The haircut technique is not complicated, so any master will be able to cope with this task. Gliding a ladder is just a salvation for thin and weak hair. Due to the asymmetry it is possible to create the missing volume.

Average hair length is an excellent solution for any face shape. If you correctly arrange the steps and pick up a good styling option, it will be possible to highlight the advantages of the person and hide the existing flaws.

We ate the lady medium hair and face round shape , then with the help of the forester it will be possible to visually stretch it, as well as disguise wide cheekbones and rounded cheeks. For chubby ladies excellent option will be laying with the ends inside.

If the shape of the face has a triangular shape, then it lacks volume in the cheek area. Ladder in this case fits perfectly. If you twist the hair in or out, you can visually expand this area of ​​the face, giving it a more correct shape. Haircut perfectly hides the massive lower part of the face and dulls the sharp features.

On video ladder for medium hair:

If a girl oval shape face, then she was incredibly lucky, because the ladder looks the best way possible. With elongated shape haircuts worth add bangs. It can be straight or oblique, which will hide a high forehead. And thanks to the multistage, the lower part of the face expands. When laying strands out narrow face visually expanding.

Ladder looks great on any hair except wavy. But here you should not worry. Of course, the wavy hair violates the geometry of the hairstyle, but this problem can be solved with the help of an iron. Just the process of laying you will be delayed.

But how does a short haircut look on medium hair without bangs, you can see in the video of this article:

Soft contour

The secret of this type of styling is that the tips of the bangs and the hair framing the face curl inside. Thanks to this, it is possible to add additional volume to the hairstyle, and make the styling contour softer and more feminine. The secret of this type of styling is that the tips of the bangs and the hair framing the face curl inside

After mashing the hair, dry them with a hair dryer using a flat brush. When the strands become semi-moist, take a round-shaped brush and put the tips of the hair, curling them inside. To lay the brow, you must use a rectifier. Go through their hair, while curling the tips down. The bang will be laid on one side with a very low side parting.

To create styling is to use serum. It will give the curls extra radiance. But to protect the hair from the negative impact of the iron and hair dryer is possible with the help of thermal protectors.

This type of styling fits perfectly with any hair, but the shape of the face should be oval. If we talk about the texture of hair, then the most successful option would be thick and straight strands from nature.

Ladder mix

The beginning of the ladder here is very high, as it is at the level of the chin and falls to the shoulders. Due to the deep, uneven parting, the styling acquires an interesting asymmetrical note. The beginning of the ladder here is very high, as it is at the level of the chin and falls to the shoulders

The ladder mix is ​​a versatile package, as it suits girls with any face shape.
After the hair is dried, trim it with a wide straight comb. Take a curling iron of small diameter and proceed to create curls at the tips. At the same time they have to look outside. Strands on the crown to comb and fix the result with varnish.

Perky curl

This hairstyle perfectly harmonizes with step haircut along the entire length of the strands. If the hairstyle is supplemented with a bang, then its styling should occur on one side with the help of oblique parting. If the bang is absent, then the problem can be solved with the help of direct or oblique parting. This hairstyle perfectly harmonizes with   step haircut   along the entire length of the strands

With the help of the styler, strand by strand wind the curls from the face so that the tip is directed outwards. To give the styling a high and rounded shape, it is necessary to give a lightweight hair on the top of your head. Treat it with varnish. To create such a styling a little perfect Wavy hair . This is the rare case when a light curl is not a problem to create a ladder. For those who want to learn how to curl their hair beautifully, you should read the content and watch the video.

Multistage hairstyles have always been in great demand among girls, so the ladder is no exception. For its creation does not need to take into account age, as the age range is absent. Ladder can be laid different ways , so that every lady has the opportunity to get both everyday and elegant look.

Ladder - a great solution for girls who do not want to part with the length of the hair, but eager for changes in the image. A nice bonus to the hairstyle becomes the volume and dynamism of the strands. Ladies' haircut with bangs is very popular with ladies. She goes to everyone without exception, regardless of the type and length of hair, face shape and age.

What does a ladder look like? The advantages of haircuts

The hairstyle received such an interesting name due to the method of execution. Strands of different lengths smoothly flow into each other, recreating multi-step transitions. In this case, the shortest strands are located on the crown, and the longest - at the bottom. The result of this technique is tremendous volume, visual density and airiness of the haircut.

Ladder is made in different ways. Steps can cover the entire mass of hair or individual parts: side strands, bangs, tips.

In the presence of bangs, the first step in a multi-tiered structure originates from her. And in its absence, the layers are recreated arbitrarily. Intervals between transitions and filing intensity are determined by the density of the hair. The thicker the strands, the greater the distance between the layers. In the case of a thin type, the steps are located close to each other to create the desired volume.

Ladder normalizes and improves the appearance of damaged and split ends. She updates her hair and brings new colors to the image without losing the usual length.


Haircut ladder with bangs, despite its versatility, finds a "common language" not with every variation. Stylists recommend combining the following types with it:

Stylists recommend combining the following types with it:

Multifaceted haircut ladder with bangs perfectly combined with both straight and with curly hair . It is undemanding in terms of styling and systematic adjustments. However, you will have to take care of your bangs: daily straighten, comb, model with mousse or wax. But the effort is worth it. Hairstyle is guaranteed to increase your popularity!

What does a ladder look like?
What does a ladder look like?