Greeting cards for emailing. Details on how to send an e-mail card

  1. How to send a postcard Mile ru directly from your email
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They say that roads are not a gift, expensive attention. Therefore, the task we have is to send a postcard Mile ru for free.

Project Postcards Mile ru in its old version is closed. Now you can send a card directly from your mail, as well as from Odnoklassniki or from My World service.
Before proceeding to the Mile ru postcards, I recommend the audio greeting service:

You can send a Mile ru card from the Mile ru service that is more convenient for you: Mail, My World, Classmates. Below is a look at how to send a card directly from your mail Mile Route.

then you can click on the appropriate button with the text, for example, “Send a postcard in the letter”. You can also read:

“And now we are ready to offer you more comfortable and modern services that will help congratulate friends and loved ones: Classmates, Mail, My World. ”


Fig. 1 Postcard can be sent through any of the three services Mile ru: Classmates, Mail, My World

Of the three proposed options (Classmates, Mail, My World), consider the mail option.

How to send a postcard Mile ru directly from your email

Important: before sending a postcard to any addressee, we will test how it works and see what the recipient eventually sees.

Testing is needed in order to check what exactly the recipient will receive, how it will look, otherwise it may turn out that “they wanted the best, but it turned out as usual.”

  • We will test for ourselves, that is, we will send a test card, for example, from our address nadezda @ to the same address nadezda @
  • If the results of the experiment will suit us, we will repeat the same thing, but to send the card Mile ru, we will enter not the address, but the address of the recipient of the card.

1) First you need to go to your mail Mile poo, enter your username and password.

2) To send a card, click on the “Write a letter” button (1 in Fig. 2):


Fig. 2 How to send a card Mile ru

3) In right side mail click on the tab “Postcards” (3 in Fig. 2). You will see more than 50 cards, sorted into categories:

  • Happy holiday
  • Happy Birthday,
  • With love,
  • Just,
  • Retro,
  • Since September 1!

For example, the card “Happy New Year” is chosen in the category “With a holiday”.

Let's run through the fields that you should pay attention to when sending a postcard to Mile ru, or rather, the numbers in Fig. one.

1 in fig. 2 - click on the “Write a letter” button.

2 in fig. 2 - by clicking on the “Styles” button, you can select a substrate for writing (colored background or background with a pattern). In fig. 2 for the substrate selected style “Winter”, with Santa Claus. You can search for styles by clicking on the small triangles highlighted by red arrows (number 10 in Fig. 2). You can NOT choose a style, that is, skip this step.

3 in fig. 2 - click on the “Postcards” button. Select a card by clicking on the small triangles, which are marked in Fig. 2 red arrows (number 10).

So, in the letter selected beautiful style (letter pad) and a cute postcard. Now the muse visits us: we print the greeting text for the postcard.

4 in fig. 2 - “Signatures” button. If you click on it, you can do auto signature to each letter Mile ru. Or you can edit the signature that already exists.

The problem is that you forget about this signature over time. And it continues to be automatically inserted into each letter. As time passes, information tends to become obsolete, so you should not put “extra” information in the signature.

5 in fig. 2 - To field. Without errors, we print the e-mail of the recipient of the postcard, otherwise how will he (the recipient) receive it?

The first postcard as a test can be sent to yourself. Then in the "To" field, you can enter your e-mail.

6 in fig. 2 - “Subject” field. You can leave the proposed topic or enter your topic.

7 in fig. 2 - button. Can be found on your computer, for example, sound file and attach it to the letter.

8 in fig. 2 - button “Cloud” Mile p. By clicking on it, you can attach a file from the Cloud to the letter.

9 in fig. 2 - Check whether everything is done tip-top, and send by clicking on the "Send" button.

10 in fig. 2 - a triangle to move through the columns with Postcards and Styles.

4) After clicking on the "Send" button, the "Enter the code from the image" window will appear. You need to enter the code from the image to “confirm your human origin”, that is, the message is NOT sent by the robot. If the code is not legible, you must click on the link "I do not see the code" to replace it with another.

5) If everything is normal, then we repeat all the steps again, but now we’ll fill in the "To" field not with our e-mail, but enter the e-mail of the recipient of the postcard.

Describe the procedure for sending a postcard Mile ru for a long time, but in reality it can be done in a few minutes. Do not believe - check for yourself.

To date, you do not need to buy sample cards in the store, each of which can be found in almost any home, but you can create a unique card without making any efforts other than fantasy and love.

Not many people know how to make an original postcard, but almost everyone can just choose a ready-made picture on the Internet and send it to a friend. Best of all, of course, create an individual greeting. Before you make a music card and send it to e-mail , you need to go to the [email protected] Before the user opens the mass of unique pictures, which can be arranged according to their preferences.

Absolutely no need to think about how to make a card in "Photoshop", because the finished sketches are already processed by this program. All that is required proper design . The music for the picture should correspond to the content and the cover of the card itself. If it is intended for a child, then you need to choose a fun and festive musical arrangement, for more serious congratulations classic soft music will suit, which will serve as a good musical background and will lift your spirits.

After preparing the postcard itself, you need to know how to sign the postcard to your beloved or just a friend, so that even the signature feels warm. The signature of the card can be distinguished and include in it a new musical accompaniment, for example: “With love, yours ..”. After careful preparation, before sending music postcard , be sure to review the finished card and check the correctness of the entry of musical content. Then you just need to enter the email address of the recipient and send the resulting card. You can also enable notification of the recipient reading, to be sure that the card was viewed.

But you can also send music cards using other online sites that are open this function , with extensive settings and design elements. In order to add music, it is not necessary to use patterned melodies, you can also download the one that is associated with the hero of the occasion. Today, there are also a lot of ready-made and beautiful musical greetings , at the bottom of which there is usually a graph: “Congratulate a friend” by clicking on it, you just need to enter the email address and the recipient will receive a cheerful message with congratulations and music.

Now we will talk about how to send a postcard by e-mail, because in this way you can send not only static, but even voice or animated greetings.

Universal option

All actions of this kind can be done using a computer or mobile phone . If you decide to send a postcard by e-mail, and it refers to static type , in this case, you can not worry about how the recipient will view it, and whether it is installed on his computer flash program Player.


To start solving a problem, how to send a postcard by e-mail, you should create it To start solving a problem, how to send a postcard by e-mail, you should create it. Draw a picture yourself in or download the network you like. finished image . You can also take a picture. Next, ready for the letter you send. To do this, click "Browse", navigate to the folder with the card file, select it and click "Ok." You may also have to click on the Attach button if this process does not happen automatically. Wait for the download. Make sure that each letter field is filled, and click "Send."


Next, we will look at how to send a postcard by e-mail to the GIF format. This decision allows you to put in a simple animation file, which consists of a series of changing images. The transfer of postcards of this kind is carried out according to the instructions specified above. The only difference is that you should choose turnkey solutions at gif . The point is that the standard graphic editor operating system not enough to create an animation. From now on, you know how to send a postcard by e-mail, we hope that with the above information you can make the lives of your loved ones even more joyful.

Without errors, we print the e-mail of the recipient of the postcard, otherwise how will he (the recipient) receive it?